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The 1st Quarter has come to a close.

(Sheesh. Already?).

Thanks to the hosts who helped us kick off 2018:


January – Nancy Saperstone

February – Laurie Ruettimann

March – Robin Schooling (hey…that’s me!) 

In 2017, Sarah Morgan, HR Leader and blogger extraordinaire (she’s hosting the Carnival this March BTW), started the #BlackBlogsMatter challenge which was focused on Black culture and experiences.

The challenge is BACK for 2018 – bigger, better and more important and pertinent than ever.  As Sarah explained, this year’s challenge has 2 aspects:

#BlackBlogsMatter weekly challenge. This 15-week challenge has a weekly blog theme surrounding both Black culture and experience as well as broader topics of diversity, inclusion, micro-aggression, intersectionality and equality.  In each week, bloggers can write 1 blog post or several within their thoughts on the theme.  (The graphic with the topics is at the top of this post).

#BlackBlogsMatter microblog challenge.  This 28-day challenges is designed for Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and features a different blogging genre each day.  People will post each day shoutout and highlight the work of a Black blogger who focuses on the genre listed. The hope is for everyone to meet new blog friends, add new content to their feeder, and amplify the voices of talented Black bloggers. (Below is the graphic with the topics)


Numerous HR bloggers are participating in the challenge including Janine Truitt, Chris Fields, Tamara Rasberry, Jazmine Wilkes, and Keirsten Greggs and while the challenge is about much more than human resources, those who work in HR should listen, read, and learn.

Follow #BlackBlogsMatter on Twitter, instagram and other channels for ongoing content.