The Worst of Carnival of HR

It’s Carnival time again my dears and if there is one thing the Carnival likes to do is keep you on your toes! This time Paul Smith of the Welcome to the Occupation blog fame came up with the theme of “Worst of HR” but was unfortunately unable to host the carnival (Hugs darling). But luckily the awesome Stephen Harrison was kind enough to step in and host at his HR WhY blog! Stephen brought together a great collection of posts that will shock and surprise you and best of all, help you learn from others mistakes. You know what the biggest mistake of all is? Not heading over to check it out right now!

Finishing out this marathon of March Carnival goodness on March 30 we have the new guy, Dwane Lay at his blog Lean HR! Now few people can match Dwane in both smarts and fun so you should start preparing yourself mentally now. I suggest deep breathing techniques and pop culture trivia.

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