The Pull Up a Chair Carnival of HR

Hey there you, you are looking a little tired and uninspired. That’s not good! You know what you need? You need to grab a snack, pull up a chair, and settle down for some good ol’fashioned Carnival of HR fun! Lucky for you, the latest Carnival went live today over at the Change-Effect Blog! Hosted by Neil Morisson he pulled together a great collection of posts that you really can’t miss so head over there right now!

Now there is a lot more Carnival fun coming your way this October so I hope you can prepare yourself for it. Coming up real quick next week we have a special edition of the Carnival hosted by Sarah White and it’s all about the HR Technology Conference held at the beginning of the month. So if you were at the event and blogged about it, you have to get your submissions to Sarah by Monday the 17th at imsosarah at gmail dot com.

Rounding out the month we have some scary Carnival fun for you on October 26th! Hosted by Jessica Miller-Merrel at her site Blogging4Jobs, Jessica is looking for posts that will fail in to one of the following three categories: Bad HR, Managers, Leadership; Good HR, Managers, Leadership; and other which will be titled “Smelly Feet.”. The blog posts will fall into the popular children’s rhyme “Trick or Treat Smelly feet. Give me something good to eat. If you don’t I don’t care. I’ll pull down your underwear.” Oh yeah, you are feeling the Holloween Spirit now. Be sure to get Jessica your posts by Monday, October 24th at jessica at xceptionalhr dot com!

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