The November Carnivals of HR

So… You may have noticed that I wasn’t on the ball and updating the site this month. Between work drama, traveling through 10 states, and getting sick; this month kind of got away from me. Which is a real shame because we had two awesome Carnivals of HR this month that deserved more attention than I was able to give them. But the month isn’t over quite yet so here you go, in case you missed them!

On November 9th, the Carnival was saved by Anne Freedman at the HREOnline Leader Board Blog. Anne stepped in at the last moment to save my bacon (Yum, bacon) and I’m very grateful! On top of all that, she put together a carnival of bloggy goodness so be sure to go check it out here!

Then last week on November 23rd, Ben Eubanks of Upstart HR took on the Carnival of HR and asked everyone to send him list posts. You know, the kind of posts us bloggers like to do when we know we have to crank out something but can’t think of a real topic. Or is that just me? Hmmm, I may have given something away right there. Anywho, making this Carnival even more special is that is was Ben’s birthday last week as well! So Happy Birthday Ben, thanks for always being such a great Carnival host! You should go help celebrate by checking out the Carnival he put together here.

Now, if you think there was a lot of Carnival fun to be had in November, I have a surprise for you: December is going to be awesomer (that is totally a word, right?). We have our two regular Carnivals and a special carnival! First up on December 7th, Eric B. Meyer of The Employer Handbook blog will be working hard to keep the Carnival out of legal trouble. That may be a challenge but I know he’s up for it. Then right after on December 14th, John Sumser, The HRExaminer himself, will be hosting a special 2012 Forecast Edition of the Carnival that you are not going to want to miss. And finally rounding out the month on December 21st, we have Paul Smith from Welcome to the Occupation who will be helping us close out the year and ring in the holidays in style!

Are you up for this much awesomeness in one month? I hope so because 2011 is almost over and we can’t let it end any other way!

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