10 Year Anniversary Edition!

Ten years ago TODAY the Carnival of HR hit the internet (you can view the first post here).

I can also tell you that back in 2007 I didn’t read it.  Truth be told, 10 years ago, there was a relatively small band of hearty HR gals and guys poking around on-line reading blog posts. After all, from a “getting information” perspective, many an HR practitioner used technology to scroll through the SHRM message boards or read the occasional e-mail newsletters from employment attorneys and, well, SHRM.

But there is a long and lovely history of HR blogging dating back to the early 90’s; I recently reconstructed as much of it as I could (you can read that here). Casting a backwards eye I find it pretty amazing that a small group of smart people in our industry were truly the leaders and visionaries that moved us forward to the world of sharing information and ideas in some pretty novel (at the time) ways. In the years since we have, undoubtedly, shared some pretty dull and uninspiring stuff. Yet, many of the folks listed here have also been responsible for pushing buttons and energizing our global community to discuss fascinating and innovative ideas.

So in honor of this auspicious and amazing legacy of writing and blogging about the world of work, HR, Talent, Recruiting and Leadership, we reached out and asked folks to share either (1) their own favorite post (popular, topical, fun) or (2) a post from someone else that resonated (i.e. they still remember it) from the last ten years.

I’ve had a lot of fun chatting with the writers and contributors listed below as well as reminiscing with others; as one long-time (now lapsed) blogger told me  – “I’m so tempted to do a post just for the f**k of it since I haven’t blogged in years!”

Happy Anniversary to the Carnival of HR! Enjoy!



Favorite Posts (submitted by the writers) 

HR Chicks and CompetitionLaurie Ruettimann (the Cynical Girl era) – editor’s note: one of Laurie’s most popular posts ever!

#SEanalytics HR Analytics – part 2, – Jon Ingham“’I’d like to provide my own latest post on Analytics (from September 2016) which I think deals with some of the issues raised in SystematicHR’s post which I’ve submitted as my favourite post from someone else. Analytics is also probably the main topic for posting today, in a similar way to how social media itself was the main concern of blogging back in 2007.”

Physics in HR – The Petrino Principle Tim Gardner “I started a brief series on how HR is, or can be, as predictable as physics. In the midst of the series, Coach Petrino embarrassed himself, his family, and his university in a way that should have surprised no one. This was my most-viewed post at the time and even today. Now, years later, he has demonstrated how change is possible, and that behaviors can change given the right influence.”

Why I’m Reading a Book a MonthMelissa Fairman“One of my favorites is a recent article I wrote about reading. It’s interesting that it was such a popular post, I think a lot of people can relate to the comments I made about trying to fight distraction get my focus back.”

HR Effing RocksKatee VanHorn“Here is one of my favorites. It focuses on what we do in HR – really. It was a fun one to write.”

Comfort ZoneJennifer Payne“Here’s a post of mine…It’s not really an HR post, it’s more of a personal growth one, but I would say it’s one of my favorites ever….because it came right from my heart and my gut.  It was inspired by a number of real events happening both around me and to me at the time.  And it just so happened to be the most shared, liked, and tweeted post I’ve ever run!”

Death By Lousy HRM — The Whole Story In One Sitting! Naomi BloomI’ve written a lot of posts since inception in Nov 2009, and many of them are worthy of this event.  But what I’d really like to post is the novella I wrote in December, publishing it chapter by chapter and then publishing it again as a whole.  It’s very long, but the response has been so encouraging that I’m thinking about making this just the first in a series.”

Life Lessons from 25 Years in HR and Life lessons from (almost) 30 years in HRMike VanDervort

The Gender of LeadershipMike VanDervort (writing at Women of HR)

Leading yourself: A Baker’s Dozen of Things to MasterWally Bock – “You can’t lead others if you can’t lead yourself. Here is a baker’s dozen of things to master to be the best leader you can be.”  

A Simple Question: A Complicated Answer – The InterviewDerek Zeller

My Name is Not…CandidateSteve Levy and Derek Zeller – per Derek “This is one that I wrote with Steve Levy and was one of the most controversial either of us has ever written.”

 New Leadership Role? Start Strong with These 6 Key Actions  Jennifer Miler“I chose this post because it’s second-most viewed post on my site and speaks to the need for organizations to help get new leaders up to speed fast. HR can play a key role in onboarding and acclimating new leaders.”

Personal interests:  10 CV dos and don’ts Dorothy DaltonIt has proven to be one of those timeless posts which still gets regular daily traction and opinion is as divided as it ever was!”

“7 Types of Power in the Workplace”Sharlyn Lauby“It’s really hard to pick a favorite post – it’s like asking to pick a favorite child. LOL! Seriously, I chose this one because it’s the most popular post on HR Bartender.”

O Generation X, Where Art Thou?Stephanie Hammerwold “Here’s one of my favorite posts that generated some good conversation with others”

HR, Take Some Risks and Just Say “What the ****” Mark Fogel “A favorite of mine that posted on Fistful of Talent this past year. It was moderately successful from a traffic standpoint but I feel it is who I am as a voice to the HR community and a fun read!”

Future Friday: The rise of conflicting trendsMike Haberman

The Power of Carrot and StickKurian Prasad“This is the most popular post ever on my blog (with more than 10,000 views & many comments) and it provides an unconventional perspective on motivation integrating ideas from a wide range of apparently unconnected domains!”

How to Influence Without AuthorityJesse Lyn Stoner – “This is one of my most popular posts. Although written in 2012, it still shows up on the first page of a Google search for “influencing without authority.” I introduced a new model in this post ‘The 8 Portals of Influence.’”

Engaging Employees in the Gig EconomyCulture Next

How to Decide if You Should Accept a Job OfferJudith Lindeberger

You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alikeMary Faulkner – “I’ve only been writing on the blog for about 4 years and it’s taken me some time to find my voice. Shockingly, my voice is sarcastic and wordy, but that’s not the point. This is the first post I made (back in January 2013) that felt like ME. I tied it to a computer game (very me), made it about leadership (the blog post) and I had a picture of an Osborn II Executive computer…which I actually had growing up. Which should tell you a lot about me. I’ve had other posts with a lot more views, but this one stands out as my first big kid post for me.”

Posts with an Impact (what our writers read … and remember…)

How to Change A Person’s Mindauthor: Lance Haun – submitted by Laurie Ruettiman

How to Lie with Analytics  (2007) – author: Wes Wu, SystematicHR – submitted by Jon Ingham“Though I think we’ve progressed a bit beyond this now I think the general concern about the potential for inappropriate use of analytics, or inappropriate conclusions from its insights still applies. SystematicHR was one of my favourite blogs when I started blogging.”

What “The Interview” Saga Tells You About Your Career… author: Kris Dunn – submitted by Naomi Bloom“One of my all time favorite posts from the HR Capitalist. I wanted to include it in the anniversary addition because it’s good advice for business professionals and HR pro’s. Don’t mess with crazy!!!”

Curiosity did NOT Kill the (HR Lady’s) Cat author: Robin Schooling – submitted by KateeVanHorn – “A post that made me happy to see — which I sent to a few “busy” colleagues.”

The World Needs More Balcony People author: Jennifer McClure – submitted by Mary Faulkner“I love this post because to me, Jennifer is the ULTIMATE balcony person. I wouldn’t have a blog without her encouragement. I wouldn’t be tweeting without her. I wouldn’t have met the amazing online community of HR people I know count as second family without her in my corner. It was a twist of fate that allowed me to meet her, and I’m so happy I did. If more people had a Jennifer McClure in there corner, the world would be a better place. And if you use this post, make sure you tell Jennifer, ‘Because of you, my life was changed.’ (She’ll get it.)”

Social Media For HR – Now & Next [Interview With Laurie Ruettimann] author: Jennifer McClure – submitted by KateeVanHorn ”This one from Jennifer McClure is good and features Laurie R; one to motivate HR folks to do more socially.”

Given Firstauthor: Steve Browne – submitted by Jennifer Miller“I have many favorite HR writers, so it’s tough to choose just one post. The post Given First by Steve Browne encapsulates what I admire most about Steve: he is relentlessly positive, even though he’s a practitioner in a field that’s often maligned. It would be easy to become jaded, but instead, Steve (head of HR for a restaurant chain) chooses to put forth a positive (but realistic) view of HR in the trenches.”

My Ninja…author: William Tincup – submitted by: Robin Schooling “William is just absolutely one of my favorite writers; I could link to almost every post he’s ever written. This one, however, has stuck with me for 5 years. Workarounds…at work. Truly.”

One Day Count Down…10 Year Anniversary

today’s post is from Micole Kay, friend of the Carnival of HR!  Follow her on the twitterz at @SocialMicole 

If I had to describe Carnival of HR in one word, I would call it “inspiring.” Over the past 10 years, the HR community has surrounded itself around prominent industry leaders and bloggers. Today, I’m happy to call many of those folks my mentors and friends.

When Robin posted about contributing to the 10 Year Anniversary Celebration of Carnival of HR, I was excited. Many now prominent bloggers started on HR Carnival as young bloggers. Today, I read Suzanne Lucas’s blog The Real Evil HR Lady and am still amused, amazed, surprised to hear she started Carnival of HR a decade ago this month. It’s been a real throwback and challenge trying to pick a favorite post.

The person who wrote my favorite post is someone I especially admire. Steve Boese has done amazing things for the HR industry including bringing the HR Technology world together and in the forefront of the HR community, bringing together inspirational industry leaders with the HR community to better HR on HR Happy Hour, and even starting the first Women in Leadership event at the annual HR Technology Conference and Expo in 2016. His post The Carnival of HR and the Old Days of HR Blogging is really touching and describes the angst of being a new blogger.

The first time I wrote a blog post was for a ‘Digital English’ class. Without knowing it, we basically had to create a digital presence – one little bit at a time. I thought the entire project was stupid. By the end, however, even though I instantly removed that WordPress profile, nobody would ever see it, and it was just a stupid class assignment, I was proud.

When I started working in social media, I started working on my own blog – not one class-assigned. I didn’t think I had anything important to say, but I liked writing so I decided to write anyway. (I wouldn’t even show my boyfriend who tried to sneak previews of it over my shoulder.) One of my first posts was on the importance of editing – I was shocked and terrified, anxious (I should probably see someone about that) when people commented on my post. They read what I had to say and thought it was important enough or interesting enough to respond.

When I started working at Ultimate Software, I started including posts on my personal blog about HR topics. I started writing on virtual employment, HR collateral like India’s Sexual Harassment Handbook, bad management mistakes in pop culture, and more. Though I write with the intention that nothing I write will be read, the first time I was asked to guest blog on an HR blog, I was really excited. Chris Fields probably couldn’t tell this from the other side on Twitter, but I was beaming and even more excited when my post was finally published. When Paul Hebert asked me to guest-host on his podcast “Paul-cast,” I got the same feeling.

As a young blogger, it’s nice to see how far Steve has come with the same opportunities – the same ‘first blog post experience.’ It’s nice to see how far he’s come and how much of an impact one person has had on the entire industry. I know he would have been successful either way, because at the very least he’s persistent as heck. I’m excited for what the future looks like for not only me, but for HR. I’ll be happy if I make even a fraction of the impact Steve has.

Happy 10 years, all.

Carnival Recollections – Take 2

Long time friend of the Carnival (and long time blogger!) Steve Boese wrote a post in October 2016 over at his site –  “The Carnival of HR and the Old Days of HR Blogging.”  Let’s see what Steve had to say….

“I started blogging in about 2007, right about the time I started teaching a course in HR Technology at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York.

For some reason in my HR Tech class I thought it would be a good idea to make sure the students knew about blogging – how to set up a blog, how to update a blog, how to write on a blog, etc. And in what turned out to be indicative of a few other things I covered in that class, I realized I needed to sort out how to do those things myself before I could teach them to the students.

And so the first iteration of this blog was launched in 2007.

Sometime later that year I ran through the same exercise with Twitter. I thought it important to talk about and demonstrate this new thing called Twitter in class, so I had to learn how to use it myself. So in late 2007, my initial Twitter handle, @Sbjet was born. I remember being VERY excited when I crossed 100 followers. That was big time in 2008.

And something else was big time, at least to me, back in the early days of my HR and HR Tech blogging – the monthly Carnival of HR. 

I have not written about the Carnival of HR in ages, so chances are some, or maybe even many, folks reading this blog today are not familiar with the Carnival. But back in 2008 and 2009 this monthly collection of the best blog posts from around the HR blogosphere was a really, really big deal. I tried for what seems like ages to get a post of mine included in the Carnival, only to be passed over. 

I was pretty much unknown, writing a dumb blog about technology and teaching for a tiny, tiny readership. 

But I kept on submitting a post each month anyway, and…” (click here to read the rest of Steve’s post) 


image: W. C. Fields as carnival sideshow barker Gabby Gilfoil in a scene from the 1927 Paramount Pictures film Two Flaming Youths.