Multiple Carnivals of HR

Hey there Carnival fans. Well, you may have noticed that I’ve been a little behind on updating. I apologize for that. But if you look at the silver lining, that means there are multiple awesome Carnivals of HR that I get to tell you about! Yay! So just in case you’ve missed one or just want to revisit a good one, here we go.

First up, we had a very special Valentine’s day edition of the Carnival hosted by a real sweetheart, Mervyn Dinnen at his T Recs Blog! This Carnival features all sorts of love and HR so if you are ready for some warm fuzzies, go check it out here!

Second, we head over to the Aquire Blog where Michael Miranda and his crew put together a great Carnival on “If you could say anything” to Board Members/C Suite/Executives/etc., what would it be? You can check out HR pros getting real here!

Third, the latest Carnival of HR is live and hosted by Paul Baribeau and his tribe over at TribeHR! Even better, this Carnival was all about making HR fun. I know what you are thinking but HR knows how to have a good time. Not convinced? Head over and check out the posts now!

And finally, I bet you can’t wait for the next Carnival of HR, coming up quick on March 27th and hosted by always amazing Dwane Lay over at the Dovetail Software Blog! Dwane is all about sharing the love and for this Carnival he wants you to not only submit a great post of your own, but to share the love and submit a post from someone else’s blog as well. So be sure to get your submissions to dwane dot lay at gmail dot com by Monday, March 25th! And speaking of sharing the love, did you know that Dwane just published a book called Lean HR? I think you all need to go check it out today!

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