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Carnival of HR: the What’s Happening Edition

ferris wheeljpgA few weeks ago we learned that the Carnival’s Ringmistress of 7 years, Shauna (Moerke) Griffis, was ready to pass the stewardship of the Carnival to the next willing participant. Always up for an adventure, I opted to step into the fray.

The Carnival of HR, as you may recall, was started in 2007 by Suzanne Lucas (@RealEvilHRLady), passed on to Allison Green (@AskAManager), and then managed by Shauna (@HR_Minion) beginning in 2009. I hope to continue their great work and keep this community going strong as we ramp up to our 10th Anniversary in 2017!

As for now I’ve made a few tweaks:

  • I’ve updated this website (so please go poke around)
  • I’ve decided (for now) to move to a monthly schedule (as opposed to bi-weekly). That doesn’t mean we won’t host more than 12 Carnivals during the year – if you ever want to host a special (i.e. off schedule) Carnival, just let me know. As a matter of fact we already have a special HR Tech World Carnival scheduled for March!

I’m also looking for 2016 Carnival of HR hosts (you can see the schedule here). If you want to have some fun and spread some HR love send me an email to carnivalofhr @ gmail and let me know!

As a reminder here are a few rules/guidelines for how we operate:

  • When I send out notifications about the upcoming Carnival you’ll have the opportunity to submit a recent (within 4 weeks) post of your own for consideration to the current host.
  • Once the Carnival goes live we ask that you help promote it via twitter, your blog, snapchat, Instagram, or what have you.
  • Check out the Carnival of HR site!! (Not really a “rule” but I like to be a bossy HR lady).

It’s Carnival Time!

Robin Schooling

2014 Quarter 2 Carnivals of HR

It’s been a very eventful year for the Carnival of HR and in this post I would like to highlight all the wonderful Carnivals we had in the 2nd quarter. There is a whole lot of HR goodness in these posts, and it’s never to late to read it for the first (or second) time!

First up on April 9th, Shrad Rao, Wagepoint Blog brought you a lovely Spring filled selection of posts. Not to be outdone, on April 23rd, Amit Bhagria, of Young HR Manager rocked HR for us all.

Then on May 7th, Ben Eubanks, Upstart HR brought everyone to the World of HR Blogging. Which was well timed because following up quickly on May 21st when Julie Winkle Giulioni brought together the emerging trends in HR. And to round out the quarter on June 18th, Mervyn Dinnen, T Recs helps welcome the summer soltice.

Calling all HR Bloggers – 2014 Carnival Hosts needed!

Hey there HR Blogger. Since you are reading this, I think it is fair to assume that you are either already familiar with the Carnival of HR, or you are some curious bystander who accidentally stumbled upon this site.

Either way, I’m guessing that by now you are sufficiently curious about what the Carnival is all about and how to get involved. Well, I have super awesome good news for you. You see, I am looking for my 2014 line up of Carnival hosts! That’s right, 26 lucky bloggers will be able to jump right into the fray of managing this crazy social media meme we like to call the Carnival of HR.

What are the requirements to host you may ask?
1. You run a blog related to HR, Careers, Work, Leadership, or even Management.
2. You are willing to devote a few hours to sorting through submissions and putting together the best Carnival post you can!
3. You are super awesome.

Now, to find a more detailed explanation of what hosting entails, check out our Hosting Guidelines, but really, what more do you need to know?

To sign up for a hosting spot, send an email to hrminion at gmail dot com. Now, the Carnival of HR would not still be going so strong after almost 6 years if not for all the hard work and support I get from our hosts and contributors, so thank you all, for everything that you do. Happy Blogging!