An Overdue Carnival of HR Update

Wow, I am such a slacker. And by slacker I mean “Totally engrossed in life/work stuff that has caused me to neglect my blog responsibilities a bit”. So yeah, how ya been? All I gotta say is that I’m very grateful the Carnival of HR can rely on the awesomeness of it’s Carnival hosts so that it keeps trucking along every two weeks. But never mind all my excuses, I have a whole lot of Carnival to talk to you about so we better get started!

July 3rd: Hosted by Matt Stollak over at his True Faith HR Blog, this Carnival took on all the joys of Independence Day: Travel, Food, Fun, and even Fireworks!

July 17th: Hosted by Patrick Mullarkey at his blog Mentoring Mullarkey, this Carnival took a look at career and personal development, as well as everything else in between.

July 31st: Hosted by Chris Young at The Rainmaker Group Blog, this Carnival was all about lesson from your summer vacation. My lesson: Sunscreen is your friend.

August 14th: Hosted by Ben Eubanks at his Upstart HR Blog, this Carnival focused on advice for those just starting out in their career and I even managed to get off my lazy butt and contribute!

August 28th:
Hosted by Robin Schooling at her HR Schoolhouse, this Carnival was all about celebrating the best posts in the space and that’s what she got. Some good content all up in there.

September 11th: The most recent Carnival was hosted by yours truly, over at Women of HR blog and on such a solemn day, I wanted to see positive posts that would make you smile. I think we did just that.

Whew, that was a lot to get through. But we aren’t quite done yet! The next Carnival of HR is coming your way on September 25th and it will be hosted by frequent contributor and host, Jesse Lyn Stoner at her Seapoint Center Blog! Jesse doesn’t have any theme in mind for this Carnival, but she wants you to send in your best! Be sure to get your submissions to jstoner at seapointcenter dot com by Monday, September 23rd!

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