An Emerging Carnival of HR

Hey there my scary Ghosts and Goblins! It may be Halloween but no monsters are going to stop the Carnival of HR! The latest Carnival is live right now at Abhishek Mittal’s Mumblr blog! The theme for this Carnival was all about emerging trends in HR. Even more interesting, as the Carnival was hosted in Singapore, there was a great Asian focus. So put down all those fun size candy bars and go check it out now!

Coming up on November 7th the next Carnival of HR wants you to Stop doing dumb things to Customers by visiting first time host Doug Shaw! So what is Doug looking for? Well, one of 3 themes: Fireworks in HR, Conference Tales, and other crap you can’t categorize. So in other words, send him your best! Get your posts to doug dot shaw at wgalimited dot com by Monday 5th November!

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