Originally started way back in February 2007 by Suzanne Lucas (aka the Evil HR Lady), the Carnival of HR is dedicated to bringing together the best posts from the HR blogging community!

In 2008 Suzanne handed over the Carnival reins to Alison Green (aka Ask A Manager)  who did a great job increasing both participation and awareness.

Beginning in 2009  Shauna (Moerke) Griffis (aka the HR Minion) took over the tasks of herding the cats and began a multi-year run as HR Ringmistress.

In 2016, after a superb run as the HR Ringmistress par-excellence, Shauna passed the torch over to Robin Schooling (aka, well, Robin Schooling) who has assumed the duties of running this…let’s face it…HR circus.


HR: Herding the Cats

But what is a blogging “Carnival”?

A blogging carnival is a social media meme in which a group of bloggers submit blog posts to a “host” who compiles the posts into one collection that is then published on their site on the prearranged day. The posts and bloggers are generally focused on an similar area of interest, such as Human Resources, and may or may not have a theme which unites the posts on a specific question or topic. Carnivals occur on a regular schedule, monthly/biweekly/weekly, and the carnival hosts change after each event. You can find more information about blog carnivals here.

So what’s the deal with the Carnival of HR?

The Carnival of HR is a monthly carnival that focuses on Human Resources, Recruiting, Business, and Management blogs. Each carnival brings together a diverse collection of posts that will make you think and introduce you to new blogs and new writers. If you chose to participate this can also be a great way to drive traffic to your site.

Look, we have logo and everything!



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