A UK Carnival of HR

The Carnival of HR went international this week and let me tell you, getting elephants to board a boat to cross the ocean is no mean trick. They spook easily. And cleaning up after them… *shudder*. But it was all worth it I assure you. The latest carnival is up now over at Mervyn Dinnen’s blog and he did an awesome job! There are a lot of great UK blogs in this carnival, in addition to all those other blogs you’ve come to expect and love, so if you want to learn more about how HR is handled across the water you need to go check it out here right away!

Coming up quickly on March 16th, the Carnival returns to the States and is hosted by the incredibly adorable and fun Paul Smith over at his Welcome to the Occupation blog! Paul has something fun planned for you all, something that requires me to bend the Carnival rules somewhat, but totally worth it. Especially since every time I hang out with Paul shenanigans happen. And who couldn’t use more shenanigans in their life? I know I can never get enough. Stay tuned for more details coming to you next week in the Carnival of HR email reminder, and if you haven’t signed up for that yet, why not?

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