A Straight to the Point Carnival of HR

Hey there Carnival people! I’m still in the throes of vacation recovery (Time Zone changes wreck havoc on your sleep dudes) and slowly integrating back into my routine. Hey, did you know that while I was gone the latest Carnival of HR went live? Hosted by Nicole Jue over at the I4cp Productivity Blog this was the kind of Carnival that got straight to the point and let the contributions speak for themselves. So don’t wait another minute, head on over and check out what these contributors had to say!

The next Carnival of HR is coming up real quick on June 6th and it is hosted by probably one of the nicest, and smartest, HR guys you will EVER meet, Steve Browne at his blog Everyday People! Trust me when I say that you cannot have a bad day if Steve Browne is around. So it makes perfect sense that for this Carnival the theme is “What’s good about…”. That’s right, we are going for some positivity here people, so get creative and send your posts to sbrowne at larosas dot com by Monday, June 4th!

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