A Safe at Home Carnival of HR

Good evening Carnival of HR fans! The latest Carnival is live and it certainly is one for the record books. You see, we did something a little different this time around. Our brilliant host, Dwane Lay, gave everyone the same title “Safe at Home” and left it up to each contributor to determine what that phrase meant to them. I have to say, I was very impressed and touched by the deep, heart felt responses. So before you do anything else tonight, go here and check out all the great posts that are live now on Dwane’s Lean HR Blog!

Next up and kicking April off right, the next Carnival of HR will be on April 13th and hosted by the amazing Lois Melbourne at her Aquire blog! Wow, it’s already April and the quality level of each Carnival just gets more impressive each time. How can you not want to get involved?

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