A Dancing Carnival of HR

Hey there Carnival people!! I hope you have your dancing shoes on and remembered to stretch because the latest Carnival of HR is live and it’s about to fill up your dance card. Hosted by Lynn Dessert at her blog Elephants at Work (love the name BTW) this Carnival was all about the dancing we do at work. So if you want to learn all the right moves, you better go check it out here!

But don’t wear yourself out with all that dancing! Coming up real quick on May 18th Ben Eubanks will be hosting a special Carnival of HR: HREvolution edition so be sure to get him your HREvolution posts by Monday May 16th to ben at upstarthr dot com.

Then right on schedule, the next Carnival is traveling back across the ocean to the UK on May 25th and it is once again hosted by the fun Jon Ingham over at his Strategic HCM Blog. I don’t know about you, but I love when the Carnival goes International. Stay tuned for all the details and to stay on top of all the latest Carnival news, be sure to join our email reminder list!

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