A Cake Filled Carnival of HR

A couple weeks ago I did an informal survey on Twitter: Cake or Pie, which do you choose? Lucky for the latest Carnival of HR, cake narrowly beat out pie. Why is that lucky? Because the latest Carnival of HR was hosted by Birthday boy Paul Smith at his Welcome to the Occupation blog! As part of the birthday celebrations Paul had a cake themed Carnival and boy, was it delicious! So if you want to get a piece of this HR and cake filled Carnival you better head over there now!

The next Carnival of HR is coming up quick on May 23rd so I’m going to need you to wake up from you cake induced food coma and get productive! That’s because the next carnival is being hosted by Nicole Jue at the i4cp Productivity blog! There is no specific theme so be sure to send your best to nicole dot jue at i4cp dot com by Monday, May 21st!

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