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Branding and SHRM Carnivals of HR

We’ve had a busy end to June as I have two back-to back Carnivals to tell you about! First up, our regularly scheduled Carnival went live on June 19th over at the HR Field Guide blog. Hosted by Erik Smetana, this Carnival was all about Branding. Curious about what HR has to do with branding? Quite a bit actually, so be sure to check it out!

Next up we have a special Carnival of HR: SHRM Edition that went live today, June 26th, and was hosted by Ben Eubanks at his UpstartHR blog. As you can guess, this Carnival was all about the SHRM National Conference last week. The good, the not so good, the swag, and the parties; You can find it all in this Carnival, right down to all the jealousy inducing details, at least if you are like me and were not able to go. But we can all live vicariously through others when we check out the posts here!

The next Carnival of HR is coming your way real quick next week on July 3rd when it is hosted by Matt Stollak at his True Faith HR Blog! Matt doesn’t have a theme for this Carnival, but I expect you all to send in your best! YOu can get your posts to matthew dot stollak at snc dot edu by Monday, July 1st!

A Carnival of HR Recap

*Wipes away the cobwebs and opens windows to let in fresh air* Whew. It’s gotten a little dusty in here while I’ve been away. I apologize for the delay in getting updates on the site, life does so love to get in the way of blogging at times. But never mind all my lame excuses, let’s get things back on track shall we?

First up, on April 24th the Carnival got all social when it was hosted by Anita Lettnik at the Visions of HR blog. Contributions to this Carnival included How HR is getting social, analytics, and even some cool infographics. So if you are curious how HR gets social, and if you are reading this you probably are, check it out here!

Next, on May 8th the Carnival of HR went on a journey when it was hosted by Robert Tanner of the Management is a Journey Blog. There was no special theme but the funny things about Carnivals is that as hosts get submissions the theme tends to emerge on it’s own, even when they didn’t have anything in mind. This time, posts feel into “The World of HR” and “Every Manager has HR Responsibilities”. Intrigued? Check it out here!

Closing out May, the Carnival crossed the ocean to visit Doug Shaw at his Stop doing stupid things to customers blog. How can you not like the name of that blog? You already know you are going to be in for a fun time. But I digress. This Carnival was all about Beginnings. I love beginnings, don’t you? So why not check out all the creative posts people submitted around such an open and exciting theme here!

Ending my recap session, the latest Carnival of HR started June of right on the 5th when it was hosted by Melissa Fairman over at her HR Remix Blog. This was Melissa’s first time hosting a Carnival and I must say she did a great job pulling together the best our blogging community has to offer. If you missed it going live last week then you totally need to check it out here!

That was a lot of catching up to do. But never mind the past, let’s look into the future! The next Carnival of HR is coming your way on June 19th and it’s hosted by Erik Smetana at the HR Field Guide blog! For this Carnival, Erik is looking for posts on Branding: HR Branding, Talent Branding, Personal Branding, Cow Branding. Well, maybe not that last one. Be sure to get your posts to eriksmetana at thehrfieldguide dot com by Monday, June 17th!

Now, before I let you go, I do have one more bit of news to relay. For all of you going to The SHRM National Conference this year (Jealous!) and blogging about it, we will have a special Carnival of HR on June 26th hosted by always awesome Ben Eubanks at his Upstart HR blog. So whether you blog about the SHRM parties and swag, or about how much you wish you were there to attend SHRM parties and get swag, be sure to get those SHRM posts to Ben at upstarthr dot com by Monday, June 24th!