Monthly Archives: January 2013

A Hound Carnival of HR

Hey there Carnival fans! The latest Carnival of HR is live right now and it was all about the transition between 2012 and 2013. Put together by first time host Ben Martinez at his HR Hound blog, Ben asked contributors to send in their best posts from 2012, posts reflecting on 2012, or their 2013 predictions. Updated: Gah, I am such a dork. I blame lack of sleep and a busy week but I totally mixed up Jon Ingham’s Carnival on 1/2/13 with Ben’s. Ben did not have a specific theme this go around but he did gather a great collection of posts from some of the best bloggers in the space so I strongly encourage you to go check it out here. And Jon and Ben, I totally owe you both a drink and a cookie.

Coming up fast on January 30th, the next Carnival of HR will be hosted by Alex Raymond over at the Kapta Systems Blog! For this Carnival, Alex is looking for posts that, in his own words, “Focus on how HR helps to drive the organization forward. HR is too often viewed as a support function or cost center but I know there are lots of great stories about how HR is a leader in business and can help drive revenue and profit for the company.” Please get your posts to alex at kaptasystems dot com by Monday, January 26th and be sure to send him your best posts about how HR is making a positive impact!

A New Year Carnival of HR

Hey there Carnival of HR fans! It’s a new year and that means a new crop of Carnival of HR hosts and plenty of new opportunities to grow as an HR professional. Starting us off right for 2013, long time friend of the Carnival, Jon Ingham, kicked things off right over at his Strategic HCM Blog. For this Carnival, Jon brought together the best posts of 2012, reflections on 2012, and predictions for 2013. Don’t hesitate, head over there and check it out now!

For the next Carnival on January 16th, we are bringing you first time host Ben Martinez over at his HR Hound Blog! Now Ben is not hosting with any special theme, but he is looking for you to send him your best. So let’s make a great first impression and do just that! You can send your posts to ben at hrhound dot com by Monday, January 14th!