Monthly Archives: September 2012

A True Carnival of HR

September is well under way and it’s a good thing to because we have a lot of Carnival fun for you! Starting off this week, the latest Carnival brought to you the true and faithful of the HR Blogging Community. Hosted by Matt Stollak at his True Faith HR Blog, Matt brought us some questions, answers, and numbers. Oh, did I also mention he brought the awesome? Because he totally did. Make sure you check it out here.

Coming up super quick next week we have a special off schedule Carnival of HR for you! That’s right, on September 19th over at the Compensation Cafe Blog and hosted by Ann Bares, this special Carnival is all about Employee Rewards. Go here for the full details and get your post to abares at alturaconsultinggroup dot com by Monday, September 17th!

But that’s not all, the regular carnival is back on September 26th and it heads down to Florida to visit Heather Vogel at the HR Whisperer Blog. This is Heather’s first time hosting so I want you all to be sure to bring it and only send Heather your best! Be sure to get your posts to heather at twovogels dot com by Monday, September 24th!

A Golden Carnival of HR

Goodbye summer! The kids are back in school and the leaves are starting to change. But before you break out the gloves, the latest Carnival of HR is live! Hosted by the awesome Mervyn Dinnen at the Jobsite Blog, this Carnival strove to bring you some golden nuggets of learning to keep you warm during those future cold nights. There’s some quality information to be found, so be sure to go check it out here!

And with that the August Carnivals of HR have come to a close and Fall is on its way. But this is no time to rest because September is super sized! Let’s get started: First up next week on September 12th the Carnival heads North to Wisconsin! Saving my my butt for this Carnival is Matt Stollak of the True Faith HR Blog. Matt is smart, insightful and I totally owe him cookies and hugs for stepping in last minute so you better send him something awesome! Get your posts to matthew dot stollak at snc dot edu by Monday September 10th!

But that’s not all Carnival fans! We have a special Carnival coming your way on September 19th! Hosted by Ann Bares at the Compensation Cafe Blog, this carnival is all about Employee Rewards! Go here to learn all about what you need to do for this special Carnival and be sure to get your post to abares at alturaconsultinggroup dot com by Monday, September 17th!