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An End of Summer Carnival of HR

It’s that time of year again my Carnival darlings. The sun starts setting a few minutes earlier every day, the malls are thronged with stressed parents and crazed kids, and the scent of freshly sharpened pencils fills the air. It’s back to school time and that means the end of summer. Personally, I’m excited because I LOVE Fall weather. But no worries, the Carnival of HR is here to help you send off summer in the best way possible: with lots of HR Bloggy goodness.

The latest Carnival of HR went live on Aug 15th over at The Rainmaker Group Blog and it was everything an end of summer tribute should be. Hosted by the awesome Chris Young, it is full of great posts that will help you reflect on and then refocus on what’s left of 2012. Time is moving really quick so be sure to stop, and check it out here!

And while I have your attention, the next Carnival of HR will be coming your way next week on Aug 29th! Hosted by the charming Mervyn Dinnen over at Jobsite Insider, I think you are going to want to help us send August off the right way. Mervyn is looking for posts that illustrate examples of how social networking has been successfully integrated into an HR or Talent initiative. I know they exist, I know you know they exist, and I know you love talking about it. But if you just want to send in another quality recent post, they go for it!

So get writing and get your posts to mervyndinnen at btinternet dot com by Monday, August 27th!

A Leader Carnival of HR

It’s the start of a new month and what better way to kick things off than with a Carnival of HR! Both August and September have been super sized for your enjoyment which means 3 Carnivals each month! I hope you handle all that HR awesomeness.What I really hope though is that it will both encourage you to participate and maybe start thinking about hosting a Carnival in 2013 as well. I usually start filling slots around September and October so give it some serious thought…

Moving right along, the latest Carnival went live today over at the HREOnline The Leader Board Blog! Hosted by the full of awesomeness Michael O’Brien, who not only stepped in last minute but did a great job, this Carnival brought in a great collection of posts for your reading enjoyment! So if you really want to start the new month out right, you’ll head over there right now and check it out!

Coming up real quick on August 15th we have a last minute switcheroo of hosts for you. I don’t know, something about a “Baby” and “Busy”, and I’m all like ok dude whatever… Naw, I completely understand. Thankfully, the HR community is full of amazing people and I was able to move one of our later hosts up in the year. So for the next Carnival we have the gracious Chris Young from The Rainmaker Group Blog stepping in as your host! Let’s keep the month of August going strong so get your submissions in to chris at therainmakergroupinc dot com by Monday, August 13th!