Monthly Archives: April 2012

A Full Carnival of HR

*Whew* The latest Carnival of HR is live right now, and I am STUFFED! Not full of yummy food, but full of knowledge. Yummy, yummy knowledge. You see, long time friend of the Carnival and 6 time host Jon Ingham of tthe Strategic-HCM Blog has pulled together quite the assortment of HR Blogging goodness. Because if you aren’t feeding your mind and your professional development then you will quickly sink into obsolescence. So check it out here and stay current!

Next up on April 25th, we have a brand new host and a fun new theme! This time around your gracious host will be Nancy Saperstone of Insight Performance and she is looking for posts on exceptional workplaces. Whether you have one, want one, or even what is your definition of one; the topic is pretty broad so let your creative juices flow! Please get your posts to nsaperstone at insightperformance dot com by Monday, April 23rd!

A Constant Carnival of HR

Hey there both devoted and new Carnival of HR Fans! If you are devoted, then you know that every day there are awesome bloggers putting out amazing content. And if you are new, well, now you know too. Which is why it can get so overwhelming out there: After all, how can you know where to look? It’s good thing the Carnival of HR is here to help you make your way through the constant stream of HR information. Speaking of, did you know the latest Carnival of HR is live right now over at The Starr Conspiracy blog? First time host Lizzie Smithson did me a huge favor and stepped in at the last minute to host and pulled out a high quality Carnival so be sure to go check it out!

The next Carnival of HR is coming your way fast on April 11th! This Carnival is traveling all the way over the Atlantic Ocean to visit longtime host and friend of the Carnival, Jon Ingham over at his Strategic-HCM Blog. Jon always does a great job with the Carnival and doesn’t have a theme in mind so all posts are welcome! Please get your post to jon dot ingham at strategic-hcm dot com by Tuesday, April 10th!