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A Visionary Carnival of HR

What does it take to be a good leader? Why do a company’s values, culture, and sense of community matter? These and many more questions were tackled by our blogging community in the latest Carnival of HR. Hosted by Natalie Cooper at the Changeboard Blog, she really dives deep into each bloggers posts! Personally, I love when Hosts really connect with and engage with contributors because I think everyone can benefit and join in the conversation. And really, isn’t that one of the best parts of blogging? So head over there now and join in!

Next up on March 28th, the Carnival gets saved at the last moment! First time host Lizzie Smithson of The Starr Conspiracy really stepped up and saved my bacon this week. Clearly she is full of awesomeness and every one of you needs to send her a cookie along with your blog post. There is no theme this time around, just be sure to send your best to lizziesmithson at gmail dot com by Monday, March 26th!

A Carnival of HR 5 Years in the Making

5 years ago Suzanne Lucas aka The Evil HR Lady brought a fun social media meme to the HR blogging community when she started The Carnival of HR. A couple years later she passed it on to Alison Green who helped organize and increase participation. And then it was passed on to me. I am so honored that they both trusted me to carry on such a fine tradition. And it’s so much fun! So who better to host the anniversary Carnival than the Suzanne? So go here now to reflect on 5 years ago and enjoy some great HR content too!

The next Carnival of HR is coming your way on March 14th and it’s being hosted by a brand new blog! That’s right, hosted by Natalie Cooper at The Changeboard Blog! In Her own words, her is the theme:

The role of a socially responsible leader

The financial crisis and economic state has forced employees to question the ethics and values of their own leaders. Many employees have lost faith and trust in the organisations they work for. This special carnival is about looking at what it takes to be a great leader, and how to embed values into the culture of an organisation as well as ask your views on what the future of leadership looks like.

* What are your values?
* How do you embed your values from the top all the way down through the organisation?
* How do you sustain employee loyalty, commitment and pride within your organisation?
* How do you emotionally engage with your people so they act in a socially responsible way within the business and the wider community?
* How do you empower your people to pursue their own career dreams?
* How do you create community spirit within your organisation?
* What’s the future of leadership?

Please note that Natalie Cooper is editor of Changeboard magazine and with your permission would like to use some of the content from your postings and part of the HR Carnival to appear in either a digital monthly version of Changeboard or in a 52 page printed magazine in June which you can sign up to here: to receive for free. She will reference and hyperlink your blog.

Postings need to be in by March 12th: Email natalie at changeboard dot com