Monthly Archives: December 2011

A Present Carnival of HR

Merry Chris-Han-Kwan-day! Or is it Happy Winter Solstice. Um, how about, Happy Holidays everyone! Now where is the food? the holidays are all about the food, right? And presents! Speaking of presents, the latest and last Carnival of HR for 2011 is live right now over at Welcome to the Occupation! Hosted by the always fun and amazing Paul Smith, Paul has put together a Carnival filled with presents full of HR blogging goodness. Even better, it’s ok to head over there right now and open these presents up, and it’s not even Christmas morning!

Wow, another year, another season of the Carnival of HR. We’ve had some really fun Carnivals this year, great hosts, and an awesome amount of participation. I want to thank you all for being a part of the Carnival of HR, it wouldn’t exist without you all.

But on to the future and the 2012 Carnival of HR season!! I have a lot of fun planned for everyone this coming year, including the Carnival’s 5 year anniversary! So cool. So enjoy the holiday and be prepared to bring your A game for 2012, because Dwane Lay is hosting the first Carnival of the new year on January 4th at his Lean HR Blog and I fully expect you all bring it right from the start!

A Two Turn Tables Carnival of HR

Just in case you thought the Carnival of HR didn’t have any surprises left, the latest Carnival is live here and it is anything but boring old HR compliance fare. Hosted by Eric Meyer at his The Employer Handbook blog, Eric has brought together not only some great content, but he’s also spinning those records to keep you rocking out at the same time. You better check it out now so you don’t miss all the fun.

Now coming up real quick John Sumser, The HRExaminer himself, will be hosting a special Carnival and he wants your predictions for 2012! Be sure to get your submissions to him soon at john at johnsumser dot com, this special Carnival goes live next Wednesday December 14th!!

And then rounding out the year and bringing a close to the 2011 Carnival season on December 21st, we have the ever awesome Paul Smith from Welcome to the Occupation. Now you know Paul isn’t going to let the year end without something fun planned for you all so if you miss out on this Carnival you will really regret it! Start planning now.