Monthly Archives: October 2011

A Scary Carnival of HR

(In a hushed voice) And then HR told the manager that the disgruntled employee call was coming from inside his office… Gah!!!! Whew, I don’t like scary stories, I have too active an imagination for that sort of stuff. I can barely watch real life crime shows without getting paranoid. But I guess I better toughen up because the latest Carnival of HR is live right now over at the Blogging4Jobs site and it’s full of Halloween scares. Jessica has pulled together a great collection of posts though so be sure to don your costumes and head over there for some great content as well as some fun!

Coming up next on November 9th the Carnival of HR gets a little sun when it is hosted by Karen Betts at The Rising Sun blog. Considering the sun sets a little earlier each day and winter is about to hit us, I think we could all benefit from more of it. Stay tuned for more details! Also, in case you missed it, last week a special HR Technology Conference Carnival was hosted by Sarah White at her HR Tech Blog, be sure to head over there to check it all out!

The Pull Up a Chair Carnival of HR

Hey there you, you are looking a little tired and uninspired. That’s not good! You know what you need? You need to grab a snack, pull up a chair, and settle down for some good ol’fashioned Carnival of HR fun! Lucky for you, the latest Carnival went live today over at the Change-Effect Blog! Hosted by Neil Morisson he pulled together a great collection of posts that you really can’t miss so head over there right now!

Now there is a lot more Carnival fun coming your way this October so I hope you can prepare yourself for it. Coming up real quick next week we have a special edition of the Carnival hosted by Sarah White and it’s all about the HR Technology Conference held at the beginning of the month. So if you were at the event and blogged about it, you have to get your submissions to Sarah by Monday the 17th at imsosarah at gmail dot com.

Rounding out the month we have some scary Carnival fun for you on October 26th! Hosted by Jessica Miller-Merrel at her site Blogging4Jobs, Jessica is looking for posts that will fail in to one of the following three categories: Bad HR, Managers, Leadership; Good HR, Managers, Leadership; and other which will be titled “Smelly Feet.”. The blog posts will fall into the popular children’s rhyme “Trick or Treat Smelly feet. Give me something good to eat. If you don’t I don’t care. I’ll pull down your underwear.” Oh yeah, you are feeling the Holloween Spirit now. Be sure to get Jessica your posts by Monday, October 24th at jessica at xceptionalhr dot com!

The Changing Seasons of the Carnival of HR

Ah, do you smell that? No, it’s not brownies, though I could really go for one of those right now. No, what you smell is change, riding on wind, signaling that another Carnival of HR is live right now! Long time friend of the Carnival Mike VanDervort was our gracious host over at his Human Race Horses Blog and not only did he bring together a great collection of posts about the changing seasons of HR, he did it to music. I love a Carnival where you can both learn something AND boogie down so head over there right now to check it out!

Now, I guess change really must be riding on the wind because coming up next on October 12th the Carnival of HR will be heading over to the Change-Effect Blog! Neil will be your gracious host so don’t hesitate to send him your best! Please get your posts to neil at change-effect dot com by Monday, October 10th!

Before I let you go, we will be having a special Carnival of HR: HR Tech Conference Edition being held on October 19th and it will be hosted by the always fun Sarah White! She’s back in the blogging game and we are so happy to have her! So if you are at the HR Tech Conference RIGHT NOW, like I wish I could be, then you better be sure to get your posts over to her by Monday, October 17th at imsosarah at gmail dot com so it can be included!