Monthly Archives: September 2011

The Lucky Number Seven Carnival of HR

Wow, it’s the middle of September already! Before we know it we’ll be ringing in the new year. But before then we’ve got quite a few more Carnivals left for 2011, and the latest one is up right now! Hosted by Judy Lindenberger over at the Lindenberger Group Blog and it’s all about the number 7. Judy asked contributors to provide 7 tips on HR, on any topics, like Compensation, Recruiting, and even Disengagement. The variety and quality of advice is one you can’t miss so hurry over there now and learn more!

Coming up quick on September 28th, the Carnival travels just down the road from me to visit Mike Vandervort and his Human Race Horses blog! Mike has been a long time friend of the Carnival and it’s great to see him hosting again. In celebration of Fall and the changing seasons, Mike is looking for posts on The Changing Seasons of HR! Be sure to get him your submissions by Monday September 26th to michael dot vandervort at gmail dot com!

A Fun Time with Friends Carnival of HR

*Yawn* oh, please excuse my sleepiness everyone, I’m still recovering from HR Florida shenanigans and could really use a nap. Or a diet coke. Probably both. But you know what would really help wake me up? Why checking out the latest carnival of HR, live right now at The Rainmaker Group Blog! Hosted by Chris Young they have put together a fun collection of posts that make you feel like you are hanging out with good friends, catching up and having a great time. Wow, I feel more energized already, you better head over there now and check it out!

It is now time to say goodbye to summer and look forward to the first Carnival of the Fall! I love fall. The leaves, the cooler weather, the cute boots and fuzzy sweaters… shoot, I forgot for a minute I now live in Florida. Oh well, coming up on September 14th the next Carnival will be hosted by Judith Lindenberger over at The Lindenberger Group Blog! Be sure to get your posts to judith dot lindenberger at gmail dot com by Monday, September 12th!