Monthly Archives: August 2011

A Personal Carnival of HR

A glorious afternoon to all you Carnival people out there! The latest Carnival of HR is live right now and it got a little personal. This time the Carnival was hosted by Bret Starr at his blog All Business is Personal. Now, I told everyone that they would need to bring their A game and I’m happy to report that you didn’t let me down! So head on over and check out all the great content here! Speaking of personal, just a quick shout out to Lance Haun for being all kinds of awesome. The Carnival of HR site was down yesterday (Gasp!) and he got it back up and running in no time. Because he’s cool like that.

The next Carnival is all set to bring the summer to a close on August 31st and it will be hosted by Jacob Flanagan over at the Maximize Possibilities blog! I hope you all are smart and maximize your blogs possibilities by making sure you send in a post. Wow, the last Carnival of the summer is always a little bittersweet. Where did the summer go? Never mind summer, where has most of 2011 gone? Can you believe we only have like 4 months left? One good thing about the end of one year though, is that it is the start of a new Carnival of HR hosting year! Do you think you have what it takes to host a Carnival? I think you do.

An online social currency Carnival of HR

Gah, hi there Carnival people, this week has been crazy so I apologize for the late Carnival of HR update. Let me just put my work computer down and get to the fun stuff! The latest Carnival of HR can be found right now over at the HR Soot blog hosted by William Gould! For this Carnival William challenged bloggers to talk about Online Social Currency. Intrigued? I’m sure you are. So go here to read all about it and it won’t even cost you a thing! Hmm, I wonder how much Online Social Currency the Carnival is worth…

Coming up right quick on August 17th the Carnival is getting a little personal, in the best ways I’m sure. Hosted by Brett Starr at his blog All Business is Personal, I’m guessing that Brett and the creative gang over at Starr Tincup will not disappoint. So I suggest you get ready to bring out your A game for this Carnival!