Monthly Archives: June 2011

A Summer Carnival of HR

Ah, summer. The sun, the beach… the heat, the bugs… huh. Not sure how I feel about it being summer. But never mind my whining about humidity, it’s Carnival of HR time people! The latest Carnival of HR went live today over at the Just Joan Blog!! Joan put together a fun and sunny carnival so grab yourself a fan and some lemonade, lay back, and soak up all the blogging goodness here!

Coming up in two weeks on July 6th, the next Carnival of HR goes international! But what’s really, really exciting is that instead of crossing the Atlantic, it is crossing the Pacific all the way to Singapore! So. Cool. Even better, our gracious host, Abhishek Mittal, is putting together something really fun for us all. Abhishek wants to focus on the “Talent Race”, such as how to attract, engage, and retain the best talent. Even better, if you could throw in an Asian twist to celebrate the hosting country, your submission goes to the top of the pile! So get working on these posts now so that you can get them to i at abhishekmittal dot com by Monday, July 4th (hey, it’s a holiday here in the US, no excuse not to get a post in!).

A Women of HR, Carnival of HR

Whew. Another Carnival of HR has rolled into town and surprise, surprise, your silly Ringmistress herself played your host over at the Women of HR site! Now, it’s been a while since I was on the hosting side of the Carnival and man, I forgot how much time goes into it! I mean, even my intro took more brain power than it should. Clearly my hosting muscles have been too long allowed to sit idle. (stretches a little) But never mind me, the latest Carnival is full of some amazing posts and you really need to devote some time to enjoying it all so head over there now! I even went so far as to highlight the entertaining rants, cause if you are anything like me, you find rants to be one of the best parts of blogging.

Rolling right along, the next Carnival will be coming your way on June 22nd and is hosted by the very eager Joan Ginsberg at her blog Just Joan! As this Carnival will help kick off the official start of summer, Joan is looking for posts that reflect summer, or seasons (any kind), or change. Hell, you can even talk about zombies. Who doesn’t like talking about zombies? Well, probably the zombies themselves since the only thing they really say are “Braaiinnsss“. Anywho, go here for more information, and be sure to email your submissions to ginsberg dot joan at gmail dot com by Monday, June 20th!