Monthly Archives: February 2011

The eBook returns!

It’s back! That’s right, Ben Eubanks is back again and looking for submissions for his ambitious eBook project! What’s the topic this go around? Employee engagement! Check out the details below in Ben’s own words:

Hey! As a participant in the carnival, I know you have some valuable insights to share with the HR community. As a part of a new project, I am gathering links to posts on the topic of employee engagement. The posts will go into a free eBook with a creative commons license (to encourage sharing). If you are interested in being a part of this project, I need the link from you by February 25th. If you have not written something on the topic before but would like to be included in the eBook, please get it written and the link to me by the 25th. Along with that link, I need a one sentence bio with this format: Firstname Lastname is the author of Blogname.

I did this back in January and it went really well. The eBook on onboarding/new hire orientation was viewed over 1,250 times in less than two weeks!

I will have final say as to whether or not a submission is suitable for the eBook. Get those links in to me at ben at upstarthr dot com! Thanks

Excited? You should be. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with so hurry up and get your submissions to Ben!

The step right up Carnival of HR

Hey there Carnival people! The latest Carnival of HR is live now and they want you to step right up for some fun! Hosted by Melissa Prusher at the Devon Group blog, there is much awesome content to be found! And here’s a little secret, unlike most carnival games, if you check it out here you are guaranteed to win!

Coming up on March 2nd we have a new host lined up, Mervyn Dinnen! I love when we have new hosts, I can’t wait to see what the come up with. Be sure to check out Mervyn’s blog here to find out what you have to look forward too!

Whew, with another Carnival of HR come and gone, I have to say I am very impressed with the great turnout I have seen this year! More participation, new blogs, and amazing content! Keep it up guys!

An Evil Carnival of HR

I have to start this carnival recap by saying that I’m a little upset with you all. You see, I made it quite clear that to pay proper respect to the Evil HR Lady herself, the founder of the Carnival of HR even, that you needed to send Suzanne brownies along with your posts. And yet, here we are, the Carnival live here and full of awesome content and yet, and YET, no brownies. To say I am disappointed… (shakes her head in disbelief).

But no worries, I know how you all can make it right! You see, we have another Carnival of HR coming up on February 16th and it’s hosted by Melissa Prusher over at the Devon Group blog. You can get your submissions in to melissa at devonpr dot com by Monday, February 14th! And next time it’s needed, I expect the brownies to fall like rain. Chocolately, yummy rain.