One Day Count Down…10 Year Anniversary

today’s post is from Micole Kay, friend of the Carnival of HR!  Follow her on the twitterz at @SocialMicole 

If I had to describe Carnival of HR in one word, I would call it “inspiring.” Over the past 10 years, the HR community has surrounded itself around prominent industry leaders and bloggers. Today, I’m happy to call many of those folks my mentors and friends.

When Robin posted about contributing to the 10 Year Anniversary Celebration of Carnival of HR, I was excited. Many now prominent bloggers started on HR Carnival as young bloggers. Today, I read Suzanne Lucas’s blog The Real Evil HR Lady and am still amused, amazed, surprised to hear she started Carnival of HR a decade ago this month. It’s been a real throwback and challenge trying to pick a favorite post.

The person who wrote my favorite post is someone I especially admire. Steve Boese has done amazing things for the HR industry including bringing the HR Technology world together and in the forefront of the HR community, bringing together inspirational industry leaders with the HR community to better HR on HR Happy Hour, and even starting the first Women in Leadership event at the annual HR Technology Conference and Expo in 2016. His post The Carnival of HR and the Old Days of HR Blogging is really touching and describes the angst of being a new blogger.

The first time I wrote a blog post was for a ‘Digital English’ class. Without knowing it, we basically had to create a digital presence – one little bit at a time. I thought the entire project was stupid. By the end, however, even though I instantly removed that WordPress profile, nobody would ever see it, and it was just a stupid class assignment, I was proud.

When I started working in social media, I started working on my own blog – not one class-assigned. I didn’t think I had anything important to say, but I liked writing so I decided to write anyway. (I wouldn’t even show my boyfriend who tried to sneak previews of it over my shoulder.) One of my first posts was on the importance of editing – I was shocked and terrified, anxious (I should probably see someone about that) when people commented on my post. They read what I had to say and thought it was important enough or interesting enough to respond.

When I started working at Ultimate Software, I started including posts on my personal blog about HR topics. I started writing on virtual employment, HR collateral like India’s Sexual Harassment Handbook, bad management mistakes in pop culture, and more. Though I write with the intention that nothing I write will be read, the first time I was asked to guest blog on an HR blog, I was really excited. Chris Fields probably couldn’t tell this from the other side on Twitter, but I was beaming and even more excited when my post was finally published. When Paul Hebert asked me to guest-host on his podcast “Paul-cast,” I got the same feeling.

As a young blogger, it’s nice to see how far Steve has come with the same opportunities – the same ‘first blog post experience.’ It’s nice to see how far he’s come and how much of an impact one person has had on the entire industry. I know he would have been successful either way, because at the very least he’s persistent as heck. I’m excited for what the future looks like for not only me, but for HR. I’ll be happy if I make even a fraction of the impact Steve has.

Happy 10 years, all.

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